Cremasco Financial

Cremasco Financial Inc. is a Guelph company which focuses its efforts on financial and estate planning, primarily in the business market.

Richard Cremasco (B.A., CLU, CH.F.C., CFP) entered into the insurance business in 1981. In 1990, he hired Dan Kennedy Jr. (B.A., CFP), from the insurance industry and the two have since become partners in the formation of Cremasco Financial Inc., setting the business on its current course.

Today, Cremasco Financial Inc. has grown to a team who fosters strong relationships with actuarial, legal, tax, human resource and accounting experts. We draw on these valuable resources to bring discipline and focus to your needs. We believe that, although solutions come quickly, planning is often a long and complex journey made easier by the professional team you surround yourself with.

As a member of Study Link Incorporated and C3 Advisory, we give reach to over 15 affiliated offices across the country enabling us to provide local support to our clients across Canada. These two organizations of elite, independent financial experts are committed to a high standard of financial planning and process improvement holding each member to a high standard of ethical and business practice.

Cremasco Financial Inc. offers a variety of different products, all tailored to your individual needs to create lifestyle financial protection for families:

Cremasco Team

Strategic Estate Planning

Cremasco Financial is built upon creating lifestyle financial protection for families


Our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals through a wise strategy that involves a selection of different types of services and products.

  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Buy-Sell Funding
  • Key-Person Coverage
  • Loan Protector
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Disability Insurance
  • Charitable Giving
  • RESP
  • Segregated Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Annuities
  • GIC’s
  • LSF

The Value of Advice

How can we make a difference in your life?

We build strong relationships and partnerships by:

  • Being honest with you, appreciating and valuing you
  • Being someone whom you can trust and get advice from for all your financial matters
  • Understanding what money means to you and what motivates you
  • Listening and asking questions to help you identify your needs, goals and objectives
  • Coaching you to do the things that will help you accomplish your goals
  • Monitoring changes in your life and family situation
  • Guiding you through difficult periods in the stock market
  • Acting as a sounding/discussion board for ideas you are considering
Relationships and Partnerships

We provide customized wealth planning by:

  • Helping you determine where you are at present
  • Making specific recommendations to help you meet your goals
  • Establishing a clear strategy and action plan
  • Suggesting creative alternatives that you may not have considered
  • Reviewing and recommending life insurance policies to protect your family
  • Staying up-to-date on tax law changes
  • Helping establish your will, estate and retirement plan
  • Developing and monitoring a strategy for debt reduction
Wealth Planning

We construct personalized portfolios by:

  • Preparing an asset allocation strategy for you to diversify your investments
  • Performing due diligence on money managers to ensure appropriate recommendations
  • Staying up-to-date on changes in the investment world
  • Reviewing and revising your portfolio as conditions change
  • Helping consolidate, simplify and improve your investment performance
  • Monitoring and managing your investments and converting them to income as needed
  • Exploring and reviewing potential income splitting and tax-minimization with you
Personalized Portfolios

We ensure exceptional service by:

  • Providing full disclosure and transparency on fees and processes
  • Proactively keeping in touch with you by providing customized information
  • Educating you on retirement, savings and other financial topics
  • Helping educate your children and grandchildren about investments/financial concepts
  • Helping with other non-financial advice
  • Providing easy-to-read account statements and reports
  • Being only a telephone call away to answer financial questions for you
Exceptional Service

Our motto "of common purpose" ™ speaks to our belief;
it is only in helping our clients to succeed that we too are able to succeed.